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How to get into Clinical Research without experience || Entry level Clinical Research Jobs

Clinical drug research is a demanding but expanding sector, and prior work experience in a scientific or healthcare setting is required for a position as a clinical research associate. Clinical Research Assistants are the ones who undertake clinical trials to test how effective, lethal/risky and beneficial a drug is. They ensure that a drug is safe for its intended use.

You’ll likely participate in all phases of the clinical study, including choosing an investigational site and setting up, starting, running, and concluding the experiment. You’ll work on both new and existing medications.

Clinical trials can be undertaken at several stages or phases, including trials on healthy persons, trials on illness patients, and research published after the launch of a new treatment to assess the safety and adverse effects. Clinical Research Assistants work in healthcare settings like hospitals, laboratories and other institutions where scientific research takes place. can help you kick-start your clinical research career in India, Australia and New Zealand. Academically’s clinical research program is designed to provide a comprehensive review of the full GCPs curriculum as per the Australian and New Zealand clinical research industry needs for entry level jobs. Advanced Certificate in Clinical Research

Roles & Responsibilities of a Clinical Research Assistant

✅ Check and track all clinical trials
✅ Assess, evaluate and take detailed notes on clinical trials
✅ Recruit and enrol study participants.
✅ Communicate with study participants
✅ Organize spreadsheets and sort data
✅ Ensure regulatory compliance of all protocols
✅ Input data obtained from clinical research
✅ Create informed consent for clinical trials
✅ Prepare and present findings of research
✅ Organize focus groups and design experiments
✅ Prepare documentation of study protocols
✅ Collect initial research data through surveys and focus groups

Average Salary of a Clinical Research Assistant

As of October 2022, the national average salary for a Clinical Research Assistant is $69,109 in Australia, the actual range is more often between $57,400 and $77,200. Salary ranges can vary greatly depending on a variety of things, including schooling, certifications, supplementary talents, and the number of years you have worked in your field.

Educational Requirements to Become a Clinical Research Assistant

In order to become a Clinical Research Assistant, you need to have a degree in nursing, sciences or medical sciences. Many employers just require a relevant undergraduate degree, therefore a postgraduate degree is not always necessary. However, it may provide you with crucial clinical trial experience and may give you an advantage when looking for jobs. Following are the subjects that it must include:

  • Health Science Degree (pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, AYUSH, and medicine)
  • Science degree in Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Biomedical Science
  • Pharmacology
  • Toxicology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Physiology

Apart from a degree in science and healthcare, you’d also need to do a certificate course in clinical research. A science degree or experience in the medical field was all that was needed in the past to pursue a career in clinical trials or research.

The situation has, nevertheless, significantly evolved over time. Today, in order to get hired by any organisation, you must successfully complete a certificate programme in clinical trials from a reputable institution or online resource.

You must finish a certificate programme that includes all the topics and specifications for clinical research if you are a working professional or student who earned a degree in science or healthcare in India or Pakistan and wants to work as a clinical research coordinator in Australia or New Zealand.

Selection criteria for Clinical Research Assistant

●      Impeccable time management and organizational skills
●      Good written and communication skills
●      Experience with research and experimentation
●      Good understanding of computer operations
●      Eye for minute details
●      Good understanding of laboratory equipment and scientific procedures
●      Multi-tasking ability
●      Ability to work well even without supervision
●      Proficiency in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
●      Advanced analytical thinking skills

Certificate Course for Entry level jobs Clinical Research Industry  

Academically has started a clinical research programme that is intended to give a thorough analysis of the entire GCP curriculum in accordance with the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand clinical research industries for entry-level jobs. Students leave this course with the abilities and information required to perform effectively as clinical research coordinators. will be helping you build your CV and cover letter and will also prep you for your interview. Moreover, we will give you a certificate for the course, which will improve your chances of landing a position as a clinical research coordinator in reputable public and private organizations.

A two-week clinical research course offered by Academically will assist you in developing a career as a clinical research associate in Australia and India. To reserve a seat, click here!

Concluding Words

Clinical research is a growing sector and post Covid19 countries have started investing more in clinical research and are bulk hiring qualified professionals. In order to leverage your professional work and get hired by recruiters, it’s preferable to opt for a certificate course in clinical research.

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Your Pathway to a Career in Clinical Research in India, Australia or New Zealand:

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Dr. Akram is the recipient of prestigious “Best Promising Researcher Award” from the UCSI University (Malaysia). He has also published over 110 papers, book chapters, conference papers including in high-impact journals. In addition to that, he is a reviewer and editorial board member in
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