Unlocking Healthcare Career Opportunities: Job Options After Clearing The AMC Exam

Read through the prosperous job opportunities and growth potential for doctors in Australia.


  • How can the AMC exam help you to become a doctor in Australia
  • An overview of the job opportunities after clearing the AMC
  • Why is Australia beneficial for doctors?

While the education and training to become a doctor are quite vigorous, it could lead to a rewarding career. One incredible way to build such a career is by migrating to Australia and becoming a registered doctor. Clearing the Australian Medical Council exam is the portal to becoming a registered doctor. The steps to clear this include the AMC MCQ exam and the AMC clinical exam

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  • What is the Australian Medical Council exam?
  • Job opportunities after clearing the AMC exam
  • Job roles and opportunities for the AMC doctors
  • Why is building a healthcare career in Australia beneficial?
  • FAQ

What is the Australian Medical Council Exam? 

The AMC examination is conducted by the Australian Medical Council and acts as a benchmark to assess the skills, knowledge, and clinical competence of international medical graduates (IMGs) to ensure that they can practise safe and effective medicine in Australia. Once you are eligible for the AMC examination, you can proceed with the AMC MCQ, which is a computer-administered test with multiple-choice questions. When the AMC MCQ is cleared, the next step is the AMC clinical exam. This assessment is to evaluate the clinical skills and knowledge and workplace competence of the candidate.

Job Opportunities after clearing the AMC Exam

Australia has a high-quality steadfast healthcare system and clearing the AMC exams opens up a vast array of exciting job opportunities in this field. After the AMC exams are complete, there is a one-year internship that is compulsory for you to seek registration. There are various sectors where a registered doctor can work in. 

Opportunities in the Health Sector

International medical graduates can work in Australia in the following fields.

  • Public Hospitals and Health Services

Public hospitals and health services actively recruit doctors across the country to ensure that sufficient accessibility and exposure are there for a range of medical conditions.

  • Private Hospitals & Clinics

Private healthcare in Australia boasts cutting-edge technology and quality healthcare services ranging from general practice to specialised fields.

  •  Rural and Remote Areas

Rural and remote areas in Australia focus on shaping a good healthcare setup so that geographical barriers and challenges can be overcome.

  • Academic and Research Institutions

If an international medical graduate is passionate about constantly learning and imparting knowledge, the academic and research institutions in Australia are promising fields.

  • General Practice

General practice is a go-to choice for a large number of doctors in Australia. This area plays an important role in shaping the primary healthcare system of Australia.

Job Roles and Opportunities for the AMC Doctors

As there are multiple options available for international medical graduates to choose from, landing a decent job in Australia is not impossible. Let us familiarise ourselves with some of the job roles in the healthcare industry in Australia.

  • General Medical Practitioner

GPs provide primary healthcare services to patients in the community. They diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions, manage chronic illnesses, provide preventive care, and refer patients to specialists when necessary. GPs may work in private practices, community health centres, or government-funded clinics.

  • Medical Researcher

In Australia, medical researchers work in various settings, including universities, research institutes, hospitals, and government organisations. The country offers a supportive research environment, competitive funding opportunities, and a collaborative research culture, making it an attractive destination for aspiring medical researchers.

  • Specialist Doctors

After completing advanced training and obtaining specialist qualifications, doctors can work as specialist physicians or surgeons. They focus on a specific area of medicine, such as cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, or dermatology, and provide specialised care to patients.

  • Rural and Remote Healthcare Professional

Rural and remote healthcare professionals play a critical role in providing healthcare services to populations living in Australia’s rural and remote areas. These professionals work in challenging and diverse environments, addressing the unique healthcare needs and geographical constraints of these regions.

  • Junior Medical Officer (JMO)

A junior medical officer (JMO) in Australia refers to a doctor who is in the early stages of their medical career and is typically in their postgraduate training years. JMOs play a vital role in the healthcare system, gaining practical experience and further developing their clinical skills under the supervision of senior doctors.

  • Registrar

Registrars are doctors who have progressed beyond their residency and are pursuing a further specialisation in a specific medical field. They work under the supervision of consultants and play an integral role in patient care, performing advanced procedures and managing complex cases.

Why is Building a Healthcare Career in Australia Beneficial?

Becoming a registered doctor in Australia will have your career take off to great heights. The healthcare sector in Australia is reliable, top-notch and fulfilling for the professionals working in the field. In addition to this, they offer packages with handsome salaries and the best benefits. This is also a major factor influencing medical professionals to choose Australia as their preferred destination.

The healthcare system in Australia enables medical professionals to make a real difference in their communities, and doctors value this so much as their passion is realised, be it bringing a new life into the world, saving a life, or easing someone’s pain. The opportunities to learn and the career flexibility in Australia are added advantages. Australia being a beautiful country with a great standard of living is a strong allure to health workers.

Cracking the AMC exams is the gateway to a world of incredible career opportunities for doctors who intend to lay the foundation for their healthcare career in Australia. Working as a healthcare professional in Australia creates opportunities for growth potential and constant learning. The lucrative salaries are accompanied by remarkable benefits. Australia is a beautiful and vibrant country and offers a high standard of living to its residents. 

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Q: Where can we find jobs?

Ans: The following websites can help you apply for various jobs.

  • www.health.qld.gov.au
  • http://health.nsw.gov.au
  • www.jobs.health.wa.gov.au
  • www.doctorconnect.gov.au
  • http://search.jobs.wa.gov.au

Q: Where can we learn more about the AMC exam?

Ans: You can visit the official website of the Australian Medical Council for more details.

Q: What is the eligibility to write the AMC exam?

Ans: A primary qualification in medicine and surgery awarded by a training institution recognised by the AMC is required to be eligible to apply for the AMC exam.

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