Skills Assessment Requirements for Medical Laboratory Technicians to migrate to Australia

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The Australian Board of Medical and Clinical Scientists administers the AIMS test to become a certified medical laboratory scientist or medical laboratory technician in Australia. Candidates who want to immigrate to Australia and work as clinical or medical scientists are assessed and evaluated by AIMS.

If you aspire to work as a medical laboratory scientist or technician in Australia, then here are a few things you should know before applying for the AIMS exam.

In Australia, most scientific and technical educated and trained individuals in Medical Laboratory Science are employed in public hospitals or private medical pathology laboratories as medical laboratory scientists and technicians.

AIMS exam preparation for medical laboratory technician and medical laboratory scientist:

Skills Assessment Process:-

● AIMS will determine whether the candidate is qualified for the nominated post based on the criteria it has established.

● Although all assessments are finished within 2 weeks of the receipt, document verifications might take as long as six months.

● If there are any problems with the application, AIMS will notify the applicant and withhold the application, keeping it “pending” for up to a year.

● The candidate will be evaluated by the AIMS Assessment Committee for both medical laboratory scientist and medical laboratory technician positions.

● The applicant must have a copy of the form and any other required papers with them at all times. In the case of misplacement, AIMS reserves the right to impose a fee to reissue a new letter.

● In case of the submission of fraudulent or unauthentic documents, AIMS will forward the candidate’s application to the Department of Home Affairs for confirmation. Once confirmed, the candidate would be banned from submitting any application to AIMS for up to 2 years.

Educational Requirements:-

The skills and qualifications of applicants who do not hold an AIMS accredited degree will be assessed individually to determine eligibility to sit the examination. The minimum requirements are:

3- or 4-years degree in medical laboratory science/laboratory medicine, accredited by AIMS or an acceptable science degree.

A minimum of two (2) years full-time (or part-time equivalent) postgraduate professional experience in a medical pathology laboratory, one (1) year of which must be completed wholly within the five (5) year period immediately prior to applying for assessment will usually be assessed as eligible to sit the AIMS Professional Examination.

Employment Verification and Work Experience: –

1. A colour scan of an original employment verification letter.

2. Mandatory payment evidence that includes any one of these:
(i) First and last payslip
(ii)Taxation records of assessment
(iii)Bank statements showing at least two (2) salary payments, with your name and employer’s name
(iv)Employment-linked insurance/superannuation records

3. Secondary supporting employment documents that includes:
(i)Employment contracts
(ii)Employment offer letters
(iii)Employment termination letters

4. If you are self-employed or were self-employed then you are expected to provide coloured scans of as many official documents as possible.

5. The employer’s verification letter must meet the following requirements to be accepted for the application:

● The specific start and finish dates of each period of employment (day, month and year)

● Full-time or part-time and the average weekly hours worked

● Position title

● The nature of employment, including most important tasks, performed or projects completed

● A bullet point list of duties or an accompanying duty statement

● The letter must be on company letterhead with the name of the employer and their full business street address

● The verification letter must be signed and dated by the applicant’s supervisor, line manager, or hr officer, and the full name and position title of the signatory must be listed under their signature

● The verification letter must include the business email address and business phone number of the signatory.

Documents Required (For All The Applications):-

1. Identity Card: – Colored scan of the original biodata page of the passport & and photograph of the applicant. (The photograph must be of good quality, taken within the last 6 months and taken against a light-coloured, plain background)
2. Birth Certificate: A coloured scan of the applicant’s birth certificate.
3. Secondary Document:- Colored scan of any one of the mentioned documents or any other valid secondary document.
●   National ID
●   Driver’s Licence
●   Social security card
●   Marriage certificate
●   Student identity card
●   Australian visa
4. English Language Test Report:- All applicants are expected to provide a mandatory English proficiency test report with the required scores in any one of these.
●      IELTS- Overall score of 7.0 or higher
●      TOEFL- Overall score of 95 or higher
●      PTE- Overall score of 65 or higher
●      OET- B grade in every band or a minimum score of 350 in every band (A coloured copy of the candidate’s online statement result should be submitted to AIMS)
AIMS considers the English proficiency test report to be valid if it is received by AIMS, with the skills assessment application, within 3 years from the test date.
5. Professional Registration / Licences:- A coloured scan proof of license or registration in the country where the candidate has previously worked.
6. Professional Membership:- Colored scan of the membership certificate.
7. Mandatory Tertiary Evidence:- Official qualification certificate and official academic transcript issued by the educational institution in which the qualifications were obtained.
(i) For each qualification, the candidate must submit a coloured scan of the certificate/testamur, or a statement of completion.
(ii) For each qualification, you must request a complete official academic transcript showing full subject names.
(iii)A black and white scan of the syllabus/unit descriptions issued by the institution for all relevant subjects undertaken as part of your tertiary qualification.
8. If the candidate has completed a PhD or MPhil or Master’s by research then below are the required documents:
 (i) A coloured scan of certificate/testamur or a statement/letter of completion issued by the institution
(ii) An abstract of the thesis, which includes complete research methods.

Here’s What Your Academic Transcript Should Consist Of:

● Full name

● Units/subjects (full title in English) that you have undertaken

● Credit points for the subjects you have passed and the total credit points completed to gain the qualification

● Marks, points and grades attained for each subject, and explanation of the grading system

● Enrolment period for any units, modules or subjects

● Date of program completion.

Amendment of the skills assessment process, reviews and appeals:-

● Once completed, an assessment is valid for 3 years from the issue date of the original Stage 1 Skill Assessment Results Letter.

● The initial letter is only amended if the individual can present evidence of experience/qualifications earned previous to the original evaluation date.

● An applicant who feels their case was incorrectly judged may request a review of the decision. The review application must be submitted in writing through email and must indicate the reasons for seeking the review; the applicant will not be charged for it

● The application review request must be submitted within one month of receiving the Stage 1 Skills Assessment Results Letter.

Concluding Words:-

If you are somebody aspiring to become a medical laboratory scientist or a medical laboratory technician then you are expected to follow the aforementioned guidelines to ensure a hassle-free application process. AIMS exam requires thorough practice and a planned and smart approach. With highly skilled and professional coaches Academically is here to help you get there and live your dream. Head to Courses for AIMS Exam Miles for Medical Laboratory Scientist & Medical Laboratory Technician and enrol today!

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Dr. Akram Ahmad, PhD is the brainchild of Dr. Akram Ahmad. He has done his PhD from the Faculty of Medicine and Health, the University of Sydney, Australia. He is a self-motivated clinical pharmacist and committed lecturer with over 9 years of teaching and research experience in various subjects of medicine at the leading Universities in Australia, Malaysia, and India.

Dr. Akram is the recipient of prestigious “Best Promising Researcher Award” from the UCSI University (Malaysia). He has also published over 110 papers, book chapters, conference papers including in high-impact journals. In addition to that, he is a reviewer and editorial board member in
several journals of medicine and pharmacy.

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