Research Methodology MS/PhD, Scholarship Abroad

Research Methodology, Thesis/Article Writing and Publishing Skills

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Research is a confirming investigation with proof and it is dream for enthusiastic scholars. Systematic updating the research findings up to date will help to report the stage and state of research at any time to either supervisor or for publication.

In this course, you will learn about key concepts of Research Methodology such as Research Problem, Research Design, Sampling Techniques, Research Proposal, Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Research Report (thesis/dissertation). This course aims to explain the concepts within shortest time possible whilst keeping it real SIMPLE.

This course designed to be practical. The theoretical knowledge that constitutes research methodology is therefore organised around the operational steps that form this research process for both Quantitative and Qualitative research. We have taken a very bold step in breaking down, where possible, the wall between qualitative and quantitative research by describing both methodologies parallel to one another within a common framework.

Most of the students use to start their dissertation or thesis writing after completion of research work and get tired to do so in stipulated period of time due to the management of many messy things. This workshop will get understanding of the General Structure of the Thesis and, when and how to start the dissertation or thesis writing.

Students also face problems to select right journal with appropriate rating for their publication. This workshop will also help why and what to publish, types of articles, identifying potential journal and their indexing, and process of publishing.

What you’ll learn

  • Elements of Research
  • In-depth discussion of Research concepts
  • Step-by-step guide of Academic Research
  • Knowledge of Market research

Course Features

  • Students 8 students
  • Max Students20
  • Duration2 week
  • Skill levelbeginner
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take course2

Instructor 1

Dr Shukry Zawahir (PhD, MSc, GDip ClinEpid, B.Pharm) is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Sydney Australia. He has over 17 years of experience in tertiary teaching and research. Dr Shukry’s ongoing work ranges from community-wide observational studies, pseudo-patient
studies, community-based cluster randomised trials, implementing antimicrobial stewardship programs and evidence-based policy development. He is also involved in conducting phase III
Clinical Trials to develop new treatment regimen for Latent Tuberculosis infection. These trials are sponsored by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr Shukry has established hi research activities in Australia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. His teaching activities at the
University of Sydney are primarily focused on infectious diseases and global communicable disease control.  Previously, Dr Shukry has worked as a senior lecturer and senior lecturer at tertiary institutions in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. He has also worked as a clinical trial coordinator for five years conducting phase II and phase III trials, tobacco control research and antimicrobial resistant related research in different part of the world in collaboration with different international research groups. As a pharmacy practice researcher, epidemiologist and clinical trialist he is committed to using research to improve health care globally and particular interest low- and middle-income settings.

Instructor 2

Dr. Akram Ahmad, PhD from the Faculty of Medicine and Health, the University of Sydney, Australia. Highly self-motivated clinical pharmacist and committed lecturer with over 9 years of teaching and research experience various subjects of pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy at the leading Universities in Australia, Malaysia, and India. My teaching experience in pharmacy practice include the subjects such as public health, health economics, pharmacoepidemiology, healthcare system, drug abuse and society, non-prescription drugs, clinical pharmacy, pharmacology and pharmacotherapy and hospital-based teaching such as clerkship, OSCE and PBL.

He has published over 110 papers, book chapters, conference papers including in high impact journals such as the Lancet, The Lancet Infectious diseases, The Lancet Global Health, PLoS ONE, BMC Public Health, Journal of Religion and Health and Frontiers in Pharmacology. In his credit a total of 110 publications with a total of 200+ Impact Factor points, 1850+citations and H index 24, i10 index 52 [google scholar]. His research profile is rated among the world’s top 5% of scientists on ResearchGate – a global professional network for scientists and researchers.

Akram is the recipient of prestigious “Best Promising Researcher Award” from the UCSI University (Malaysia) in 2016 with a prize money of RM 10,000. Dr. Akram also recipient of International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) and associated Australian Postgraduate Award and University of Sydney International Scholarship from Government of Australia and the University of Sydney to support students of exceptional research potential with their studies. He is a recent recipient of the fast-track permanent residency visa through Australia’s Global Talent Independent program (GTI) – a pathway for highly-skilled migrants to live and work down under permanently.

He is a reviewer and editorial board members in several journals of medicine and pharmacy.
He is also the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine [].

Instructor 3

Dr. Suleman Atique is a research fellow at Department of Public Health Sciences at Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) Ås, Norway. Earlier he served as an Assistant Professor at the department of Health Informatics, College of Public Health and Health Informatics, University of Ha’il, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as University Institute of Public Health, The University of Lahore, Pakistan. He is also Higher Education Commission approved supervisor for PhD students in HEC approved universities across Pakistan. He did his PhD in Biomedical Informatics from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan, in 2017. He is looking forward to optimize healthcare delivery system via application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the resource poor settings.

He was an exchange student at the Institute of Public Health, Heidelberg University, Germany, in 2016 for his thesis. He received his master degree in “Health Informatics” from COMSATS University, Islamabad, Pakistan. During his master degree, he was invited to participate and present in the DAAD-funded summer school on “Global Health Challenges in 21st century” at Ulm University, Germany. He is also a registered Pharmacist by Punjab Pharmacy council, Pakistan, with a Pharm-D degree from GCU, Faisalabad, Pakistan. He also attended and presented in the workshop funded by DAAD on “Biological Research in Dentistry”.

He has visited several countries including USA, Germany, UK, Turkey and South Korea, during his PhD for exchange programs, internships and presenting his research work in prestigious conferences.

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