Pharmacist Exams for Australia, Canada and Dubai

  • Introduction to the Modules:

    The course aims to facilitate the student through narrow thinking to gain knowledge and practice pharmaceutical care in compliance with the rules and regulations designed by the authorities in the middle eastern countries.

    The content has the objective of acquiring good hold to go through the examination conducted by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Ministry of Health (UAE), Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD), Ministry of Health (Qatar), Ministry of Health (Oman), Ministry of Health (Kuwait), Ministry of Health (Bahrain).

    The course designed in such a way for the pharmacy professional to identify the strength and weakness to suggest areas for further development in the core subject and to impart new concepts and other information useful for attempting the qualifying exam. The module consists of seven major categories. Some questions dealing with the related subject matter have been grouped together within each category.

    In contrast, others have entered intentionally not being categorised, necessitating a return to areas of study in later questions to train for the learning. We trust this model will not be viewed as it simply means reviewing material for the licensing examination. Passing this examination does not guarantee continued competence, and the professional will be required to attend CPD programs to keep their knowledge up to date. The medication mostly included in the course is frequently handled and prescribed in respective countries' practices.

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