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Your Pathway to a Career in Clinical Research in Australia

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We can help you kick-start your clinical research career in Australia and New Zealand.

Academically is a global healthcare academy for health science/science students and graduates who do not have any Clinical Trial research experience or skills and looking to get into Entry Level clinical research industry roles. We have helped many international students land in their first clinical research industry job in India and Australia after completing their health science degree (medicine/pharmacy/dentistry/nursing/physiotherapy/optometry/Lab Tech/AYUSH degree/biomed/biotech/science etc).

Academically’s clinical research program is designed to provide a comprehensive review of the full GCPs curriculum as per the Australian and New Zealand clinical research industry needs for entry-level jobs.

Taking a clinical research program is one of the most cost-effective tools that will give you peace of mind and a guarantee of success.

Clinical Research Associate Jobs

Course Features

  • Students 52 students
  • Max Students300
  • Duration2 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take course3

Instructor 1

Mrs. Preeti Dave has over 15 years of biomedical and clinical research experience, having extensive exposure to academic, clinical and ethical aspects of biomedical science in India and Australia. Having worked with major clinical research and Australian government organisations as an Research associate, operation manager and project manager. she has gained valuable experiences of working with multiple CROs and sites across Australia. She has excelled her management skills and understands the nitty-gritty of biomedical research at higher management level.

With several science degrees from India, Preeti has completed an honour in genetics and a Master of Philosophy (MPhil). She has a special interest in geriatrics and healthy aging research with special focus on sarcopenia, proteomics, muscle research, Alzheimer’s, dementia, proteomics, genomics and molecular biology.

Instructor 2

Dr. Akram Ahmad, PhD from the Faculty of Medicine and Health, the University of Sydney, Australia. Highly self-motivated clinical pharmacist and committed lecturer with over 9 years of teaching and research experience various subjects of pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy at the leading Universities in Australia, Malaysia, and India. My teaching experience in pharmacy practice include the subjects such as public health, health economics, pharmacoepidemiology, healthcare system, drug abuse and society, non-prescription drugs, clinical pharmacy, pharmacology and pharmacotherapy and hospital-based teaching such as clerkship, OSCE and PBL.

He has published over 110 papers, book chapters, conference papers including in high impact journals such as the Lancet, The Lancet Infectious diseases, The Lancet Global Health, PLoS ONE, BMC Public Health, Journal of Religion and Health and Frontiers in Pharmacology. In his credit a total of 110 publications with a total of 200+ Impact Factor points, 1850+citations and H index 24, i10 index 52 [google scholar]. His research profile is rated among the world’s top 5% of scientists on ResearchGate – a global professional network for scientists and researchers.

Akram is the recipient of prestigious “Best Promising Researcher Award” from the UCSI University (Malaysia) in 2016 with a prize money of RM 10,000. Dr. Akram also recipient of International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) and associated Australian Postgraduate Award and University of Sydney International Scholarship from Government of Australia and the University of Sydney to support students of exceptional research potential with their studies. He is a recent recipient of the fast-track permanent residency visa through Australia’s Global Talent Independent program (GTI) – a pathway for highly-skilled migrants to live and work down under permanently.

He is a reviewer and editorial board members in several journals of medicine and pharmacy.
He is also the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine [].

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