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Admission in Mater of Healthcare Services in Australia |
Is healthcare management a good career in Australia?

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) is a two-year professional master’s degree
awarded to students who have completed a health administration course of study that
encompasses hospital and other health organisation management, public health consulting,
and infrastructure, you can cultivate a career in management and administration, playing a
transformative role in improving and developing healthcare for the Community.

The Master of Health Services Management degree in Australia will prepare you for a range
of leadership and management positions in the healthcare and aged care sectors.
This master’s degree will expand your knowledge and skills in management, administration,
leadership, project management, strategic management, financial management and more.
Through a unique blend of health and business courses.

Why to study Master of Health Administration (MHA) in Australia?

  • One of the top five study locations in the globe is Australia. The recent increase in the number of international students per year to 7,00,000 attests to this reality.
  • According to the QS report, the top in the world when it comes to health administration.
  • Career opportunities are plentiful, with typical annual wages ranging from 82,000 AUD to 117,000 AUD.
  • According to Job Outlook Australia, the number of jobs for health and welfare care managers is predicted to increase by 3000 every year.
  • Work visas in Australia allow overseas students to stay for 2-3 years after completing their MHA degree. This is known as a post study working visa (subclass 485), and it allows you to live and work in Australia after completing your MHA degree.

Duration of Mater of Health Management course:
2 years full time
3-4 years part-time

The basic eligibility criteria that needs to meet when planning to study in Australia is as

Course nameUniversity/
Health Service
Technical and
band score of 6.0 with
no individual band
score less than 6.0, or
PTE Academic:
Minimum 50 or higher
Master of Health
Science (Health
Western Sydney
IELTS Academic:
6.5 overall score (with
a minimum score of 6.0
in all bands)
PTE Academic:
Minimum 60 or higher
MBA (Health
Kaplan Business
IELTS Academic:
Overall 6.0, with not
less than 6.0 for
Speaking and Writing
and 5.5 for Listening
and Reading.
PTE Academic:
Minimum 50 or above.

Admission Intakes: March, July, November

Educational Qualifications Requirements:
Successful completion of Australian bachelor’s degree or Overseas Equivalent.

-AYUSH Degree
-Lab Technician
-Bsc/BA/BCOM etc.
Any other bachelor’s degre

Documents Required:

  • The documents required along with your applications are:
  • An application form duly filled and completed along with the application fee.
  • All photocopies of education certificates and work experience duly attested. Also,keep originals ready with you.
  • Scores of tests required to study in Australia.
  • A valid I.D. Proof along with Birth Certificates, Citizenship proof, or Passport.
  • Financial proofs for supporting your financial status to bear your education expenses.
  • 2-3 recommendation Letters and your updated resume.

Why Australia is good for international students?

  • International students admitted into the Master of Healthcare Managementprogramme on a full-time basis are eligible to apply for an Australian student visa(subclass 500). You may bring your family (spouse and children), live with you, andwork in Australia because they have full work rights.
  • After completing the Master of Health Management programme in Australia, studentscan obtain a two-to-four-year work visa (subclass 485 visa).

Scope of MHA Degree Career Outcomes in Australia:
The fast advancement in the field of Medical Science has led to the formation of numerous
hospitals and public healthcare facilities. Hence, there is an emergence of health
administration services all over the world which in turn has led to raising the popularity of
degrees like masters in health administration in Australia.

MHA graduate in Australia can work in industries like healthcare and social assistance,
public administration and safety, related administrative and support services, training and
education, and others.

Some of the popular job roles offered are given below:

  • Clinical Practice Manager
  • Practice Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Department Director
  • Health Service Administrator
  • Healthcare consultant
  • Nurse Manager

Can I apply for PR after completing master’s in Healthcare
Management in Australia?

Based on the current situation, you cannot simply obtain PR in Australia after completing
your health management degree. However, if you plan on completing a PhD or research
following your Masters, things may fall into place. Majority of overseas healthcare
management graduates in Australia are still trying to find work years after graduation or are
working odd jobs since they have not yet obtained permanent status. Even if you are fortunate
enough to find a job after completing your master’s degree in health management, it is
difficult to designate oneself for a skilled occupation. If you have a medical degree
(MBBS/MD/MS ONLY) and one year of work experience, you may be able to apply for a
medical administrator skills assessment and later a permanent resident visa in Australia.

What is the easiest job to get PR in Australia?

The best way to obtain permanent residency in Australia is to take an exam to become a licenced healthcare practitioner in Australia; if you pass the exam, you may be granted permanent status within 1 year.

Academically assisting international healthcare professionals to finish the A-Z process of becoming a registered practitioner and obtaining permanent residency in Australia. Academically, several courses are available, such as KAPS exam preparation for abroad qualified pharmacists seeking to come to Australia and get a PR visa, NCLEX exam for trained overseas nurses to migrate to Australia, Canada, and the United States; AIMS exam for medical laboratory technicians to migrate to Australia; and AMC exam for medical graduates (MBBS/MD/MS) to become registered doctors in Australia and obtain permanent residency. The ADC exam is for dentists who want to move to Australia, and the Physiotherapist Written Assessment Exam is for physiotherapists who want to get registered in Australia. DHA exam for Dubai, PEBC exam, clinical research, and English proficiency test (IELTS/PTE/OET) are some of the other courses available.

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Note: To the best of our ability, we give all information in a correct manner, although errors are possible. We cannot guarantee that this information is accurate, complete, or current.

Dr. Akram Ahmad, PhD is the brainchild of Dr. Akram Ahmad. He has done his PhD from the Faculty of Medicine and Health, the University of Sydney, Australia. He is a self-motivated clinical pharmacist and committed lecturer with over 9 years of teaching and research experience in various subjects of medicine at the leading Universities in Australia, Malaysia, and India.

Dr. Akram is the recipient of prestigious “Best Promising Researcher Award” from the UCSI University (Malaysia). He has also published over 110 papers, book chapters, conference papers including in high-impact journals. In addition to that, he is a reviewer and editorial board member in
several journals of medicine and pharmacy.

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